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Boating Etiquette: Keep It Clean

Pollution ruins the water for everybody. It kills fish and wildlife, detracts from the beauty of the landscape, and contaminates waterways. Respect the water by being an environmentally friendly boater.
  • Protect local wildlife by reducing your wake near the shoreline, and learn more about managing your wake in this Customer Tips article.
  • Make sure the water is deep enough for your watercraft. If the water is too shallow, your boat could harm local vegetation or wildlife.
  • Be careful when replacing your oil or refueling not to spill into the water. This video shows the proper fueling procedure for the Express 330 and is applicable to other Grady-White models.
  • Collect and dispose of all trash when you're shoreside. Do not throw any trash into the water.
  • Ensure that your craft has proper onboard sanitation facilities and never dump untreated sewage into the water.
  • Avoid anchoring in areas with native reeds and grasses, which often support delicate ecosystems.