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Be selective!

Fuel System Selector Switch
  1. Many Grady-White models with two or more engines have two fuel tanks: a main tank and an auxiliary tank.
  2. Fuel select valves are provided so you can choose which tank each engine draws from, the auxilliary or the main tank.
  3. Normal procedure is for both engines to draw from the same tank until that tank is drawn down, and then both engines are shifted to the other tank.
  4. The port engine valve switch is to port, and the starboard engine valve switch is to starboard. Turn the switches to point to the direction of the label for the tank you want to draw from.
  5. When you’re done for the day and the engines are shut off, return the fuel valves to the off position.
  6. You can find more information in your owner’s manual.

Here’s the right way to use fuel system selector switches.