Captain Grady® App


Captain Grady - your boats information right at your fingertips.


This confidence-building, breakthrough digital boat systems and operations guide for iPad and iPhone makes a Grady-White the easiest boat to operate in the world!


Say hello to Captain Grady, our digital iPad, iPad mini, and iPhone application that is an audio-visual operations guide and more, with video, step-by-step instructions and detailed pictures so clear and simple to understand, it makes a Grady-White the easiest boat of its kind to safely and expertly enjoy, no matter the skill level or experience of the operation.

Far from being a run-of-the-mill electronic owner's manual, the exclusive Captain Grady application is visually detailed, friendly to use, and model specific for all model year 2014 and newer Grady-Whites. It covers everything technical including startup, shutdown, trouble shootings, emergency procedures, alarms, manuals and systems including electrical, generator, load management and more depending on the model.


To take a look, visit your dealer for more information and a demo of this great tool available for all model year 2014 and newer Grady-Whites. To download the app, visit the Apple App Store on your mobile device of choice and register with your Grady-White hull identification number. There's no one like Captain Grady!