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Pot Roast on a Boat???
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BAG 'n SEASON packets work great when preparing meals onboard.  (A BAG 'n SEASON  is a cooking bag w/seasoning mix found in most supermarkets.)  There are a variety of seasoning choices available.

Pot Roast::  I cook the pot roast the evening before we go boating.  I place the roast in the seasoning bag and cook as directed.  After the roast cools, place it (still in the bag and juices) in a secure ziplock bag or container and store in the refrigerator or ice chest.  Reheating the next day while boating is quick and easy and left overs are great for afternoon sandwiches!  Top off your meal with a fresh salad.  Prepared bagged salad mixtures with individual salad dressing packets are great and can be found in the deli section of your supermarket.

Submitted by Tampa Bay/Tarpon Coast GW Club/Silver Bullet