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Used Properly, Trim Tabs Add Enjoyment to Your Grady Day
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trim tabs

Trim tabs adjust the attitude of a boat in motion and will aid in trimming the boat fore and aft for a smoother, more efficient ride. Trim tabs change the ride of your boat by adjusting where the water is hitting the keel line. For example, in a slight chop the waves may be hitting your boat around the helm area causing a less comfortable ride. By adjusting the trim tabs and lowering the bow, the waves will hit the keel at a more forward point and soften the ride.

Experimenting with trim tabs in various sea conditions will determine the best positions for your particular Grady-White model.

Trim tabs are useful in correcting a port or starboard running list that may occur due to weight distribution or the angle of engine thrust. If the boat is listing to the port side, press the starboard trim tab switch toward “bow down,” and to correct a starboard list press the port trim tab switch. Pulling the higher side to a level position tends to lower the bow. If your bow is already in a low position, you may correct a listing condition by pressing the trim tab switch toward “bow up.” This will cause the low side to rise and level the boat.

Trim tabs in the extreme “bow up” positions have no effect on the boat’s ride. Unless you are operating at low speeds or with considerable cockpit weight you will likely want to raise the tabs slightly when underway to avoid “plowing” water. With the tabs in the “bow down” position, you will be able to maintain a plane at a lesser speed.

trim tab switchesTrim tabs are available on every Grady-White model and are standard on all models 22' and up. GW trim tab systems include a hydraulic pump, a switch with indicator, and an auto-retract feature. The switch controls lowering and raising the trim tabs. The indicator keeps you aware of the trim tab’s position. The auto-retract feature raises the tabs every time the ignition switch is turned off. Contact your dealer for more information or for a demonstration on how to use trim tabs.