Coastal Explorer

Coastal Explorer is a term that Grady-White coined for our first model of this type of boat, which is also referred to as a bay or inshore boat. They are designed primarily for the angler that wants a shallow water fishing boat. The bow is typically built with a casting deck and low gunnels that provide anglers easy access to the water when boating a fish but have a shallower draft to allow them to fish in “skinny” inshore waters. Set up like a center console boat, the Grady-White Coastal Explorer also has a SeaV²® hull that gives extra stability for traversing both inshore and offshore waters. Where most inshore boats would not be well-suited to go offshore, the Grady Coastal Explorer can venture offshore and still keep everyone safe and comfortable. The design and size not only make for great fishability, but these boats are also just right for families that enjoy water sports and beaching.





Shallow water fishing
Inshore fishing
Saltwater fishing
Freshwater fishing
Day cruising
Three people riding on the Grady-White 251 CE center console boat

251 CE

25' Coastal Explorer

Beam Amidships

8'6" (2.59 m)

Center Line Length w/o Engines

24'7" (7.49 m)

Bridge Clearance

8'1" (2.46 m)

Cockpit Depth

20" (0.51 m)

Hull Draft

14" (0.36 m)

Transom Deadrise

Maximum HP

300 (224 kW)

Fuel Capacity - Standard

78 gal. (295 l)

Passenger Capacity


Weight w/o Engines

3715 lb. (1685 kg)