The handling characteristics of Grady-White’s SeaV2 hull design ensure the helmsman of nearly effortless control at any speed and on any course.

The key to the SeaV2 hull’s superior rough water performance is the forward sections that offer a sharp “deep vee” cutting edge and the flatter aft section that provides stability.

Along with highest customer satisfaction, safety, quality, reliability and countless awards, Grady-White’s exclusive SeaV2 hull performance has been ranked #1 in each of the eight J. D. Power Associates Marine Studies ever done.

Truth is, boat length for boat length, there is no ride like Grady-White’s. No other brand offers you anything like the benefits of this clearly superior design. The SeaV2 is a “continuously variable vee” hull that delivers a soft and stable ride. Unlike other brands, a SeaV2 hull design has no two places on the keel where the deadrise is the same. The vee continuously sharpens from the transom to the bow stem. A SeaV2 hull with 20 degrees of deadrise at the transom will have around 30 degrees amidships—more than even the most radical older deep vee designs. The deeper vee forward means a softer ride at sea. Less vee at the transom coupled with wide chines provide stability at rest and when trolling.

Grady-White’s SeaV2 hull is like no other, with a moderate deadrise at the stern and steadily increasing deadrise forward to the bow.

The two strakes and the chine of a SeaV2 hull cut through water, providing lift, stability and a drier ride.

A SeaV2 hull tracks as if the boat is on rails. The unique hull form and variable deadrise of a SeaV2 hull have tremendous righting force, giving incredible tracking in quartering seas and especially in following seas.

Strakes and chines knock the spray down cold. Check the spray coming off a SeaV2 hull. You can actually see three bow wakes in smooth water. That’s the individual deflectors working. This is the reason SeaV2 hulls run drier than boats with rounded sections that blow spray past the strakes and chines and into the cockpit.

Grady-White delivers a deep vee ride with modified vee efficiency. Unlike other deep vee hulls, SeaV2 hulls provide a soft ride without fuel efficiency loss. A SeaV2 hull slices through seas effortlessly with a sharp point of entry, and the varying deadrise builds buoyancy that lifts the boat as it proceeds through waves. Result: better performance. SeaV2 hulls are designed exclusively for Grady-White by C. Raymond Hunt Associates, the originators of the modified vee. All of these features together assure you will have the best day on the water you’ve ever had, no matter what conditions you encounter.

Bow flare, high freeboard and chine angle allow more vee in the water for a smooth ride at any speed.