Creating The Best Ride On The Water. And Making The Decision That Grady-White Doesn't Have To Be The Biggest, Just The Best

In 1989, Grady-White reached another milestone with the Marlin 28. The Marlin introduced the C. Raymond Hunt and Associates/Grady-White exclusive SeaV2 hull, a new design with a "continuously variable" vee shape that provides a very soft dry ride while the boat is cruising or running and stability when the boat is trolling or at the dock. The hull was a natural evolution for customers going further offshore who desired a softer, more comfortable ride for their families. By the early '90s, all Grady models sported a SeaV2 hull.

"The '80s and '90s were interesting. The demand was so high we literally could have grown 300–400%," recalls Smith. "But instead, we stayed true to our deliberate decision to limit production. We felt this was the only way to maintain our high quality and customer satisfaction."