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Hand-Laid Fiberglass
Hand-laid fiberglass provides uniform laminate structure unmatched by products that claim to be hand-laid but have layers of chopped glass in their laminates. Only 100% hand lay-up gives uniform thickness for strength. Grady-White's hand-laid laminates are thicker overall than those on lesser boats. In fiberglass, structural stiffness and laminate thickness are directly proportional.

Glass-to-Resin Ratios
Too much resin makes a heavy, brittle laminate. Too little resin can mean delamination. Grady-White fabricators have a patterned layout for every individual piece of fiberglass for a "no fault" system assuring the right amount of fiberglass in exactly the right place. The resin in each part is metered, measured and entered into the computer system so every part's optimal glass-to-resin ratio is consistent and correct. This precision adds to your boat's lasting value.

Stringer Systems
Stringer systems of no-rot plywood are precision cut by a computerized router then glassed in while the hull is still in the mold. This means the SeaV2 hull will retain the correct shape. Our tried and proven stringer systems are consistently strong, light, and phenomenally durable. Our no-rot plywood systems carry a limited lifetime warranty. Plus, in a Grady-White, sprayed-in foam between the stringers acts as spreaders between the structural beams for added strength.

Super Strong Transoms
Two 3/4" layers and one 3/8" layer of plywood are fiberglass laminated together and braced with a 5/16" angled aluminum brace to make our super strong laminated transoms. The brace supports the top motor hole mounts, transmitting torque throughout the transom instead of around the bolt holes as in other boats.

Exclusive "Box Grid" Structural System
At the helm threshold, decks are joined to liners with a bulkhead that's double through-bolted through an aluminum angled brace inside the cabin. Aft of the seat boxes, another through-bolt and fiberglass system secures the deck and liner together as well. This combination forms a "box grid" giving Grady-White walkarounds and Express models support not found in other boats. Remember, Grady-White pioneered the walkaround in 1975. We have over 25 years experience in walkaround structure.

Resin ratio is measured for each part.

No-rot stringers are encapsulated in resin and fiberglass.

Hulls are cured in their mold.