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Completely Self-Bailing Cockpits
Most other boats have openings that drain water into the bilge or into a sump, either of which requires an electrical pump to evacuate water. Grady-White cockpits are sealed and above the waterline, and all Grady-White insulated boxes have drains above the waterline, too. Gravity--not electricity--drains water overboard from the cockpit and boxes.

Scuppers Drain Water Quickly
Water that drains directly overboard gets out quicker. That's why Grady-Whites have no openings in the cockpit or fish boxes that drain into the bilge or a sump. Grady-Whites are designed with up to four scuppers to evacuate a large volume of water. You can leave a Grady-White out in the rainiest weather without using battery power to drain sumps and bilges. This can mean the difference between your charging out the inlet or charging up the batteries.

Raised Fish Boxes
Raised fish boxes are easier to access than those in the cockpit sole, but they also drain ice and fish residue directly overboard by gravity. Other boats drain boxes directly into the bilge and some drain into a sump, requiring the use of a macerator. Pumps never eliminate all the foreign matter from the sump, raising an odor issue. Draining boxes directly overboard is simply a better method.

Easier to Maintain
Because the cockpit is completely sealed and all the fish boxes drain directly overboard, you can wash down a Grady-White and everything leaves the boat. Contrast this with washing suds from a box into a sump and then pumping them out or, worse, draining all your residue into the bilge where it is never completely pumped out.

Cockpit drains overboard, not into the bilge or sump.

All insulated boxes are raised above the cockpit floor.

Big scuppers drain cockpit quickly.