May 25, 2011

Basic Boating Knots

Forget the complicated twists, turns, fancy bends and splices. All you really need to enjoy your Grady Day and look like a pro is the ability to tie three or four basic knots that work every time and are nearly infallible. If you already know these basics, show this video to the family and won't regret it when you look and see your Grady being tied safely to the dock by your youngest!

The Bowline

Jim Hardin of Grady-White Boats demonstrates how to tie a no-slip line to just about anything.

The Clove Hitch

Jim Hardin of Grady-White Boats shows how to tie a Grady to the piling at the dock (using two half hitches).

The Sheet Bend

Jim Hardin of Grady-White Boats shows how to tie a larger line to a smaller line.

The Cleat Hitch

Jim Hardin of Grady-White Boats demonstrates how to tie the bow, stern and/or spring lines to the cleat.

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John Raguso
See why Captain John Raguso relies on his Grady-White boat to put his Long Island, NY charter customers on the fish and bring everybody home safe!

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Grady-White Owners' Club of the Month
Tarpon Coast Grady-White Club
The Tarpon Coast Grady-White Owners' Club is featured this month. See the Grady Owners' Club area at to read about this active Florida group, and locate the club nearest you. Check out upcoming events and join in on the fun!

Grady Gear!
Braided Dock line

Grady Smiles Video
Grady-White Dock Lines have a prespliced loop on one end to make securing your boat fast and simple! They are made in the U.S.A. with high-quality, nylon or polypropylene rope. The Grady-White Dock Lines are UV protected and won't fade in the sun. Comes in various sizes for your boating needs. Order today!

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