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September 03, 2010

Introducing the Model Year 2011 Grady-White boats!
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Safety First!

Check Bilge Pumps and Float Switches Regularly to Assure Great Grady Days on the Water.

Float switch test lever
Grady-White boats are engineered with excellent quality bilge pumps that should last many years with routine maintenance. Functioning bilge pumps and float switches are critical safety devices that should not be taken for granted. A really good habit to develop is to check the water level in the bilge before leaving the dock. Some amount of water in the bilge is normal; however, if there is more than two inches of water in the bilge, make sure that the bilge pump(s) and/or float switches are functional and, if not, repair them or replace them. (Check water inlets as well, especially seacocks, in the event that accumulated water is other than incidental.)

Here’s how to test the system. The helm bilge switch is a two-position switch, with “On” and “Off” positions. The helm switch “Off” position is really a “standby” position since the automatic float switch can still activate the pump if water accumulates in the bilge. The helm switch should normally be left in this “Off” position. Switching to the “On” position will immediately engage the bilge pump, and the pump will remain on until the switch is turned off. If a pump doesn’t come on, repair the switch or the pump as needed. Note that many boat models have more than one pump, and the switches are labeled FWD BILGE for the forward pump and AFT BILGE for the aft pump, and each system should be checked accordingly.

You can also test the function of the automatic float switch by depressing the lever at the back of the switch housing (“up” is the normal position for this lever). If the float switch and bilge pump are functioning properly, the pump will engage. If the test fails, repairs may be necessary.

Float switch test lever
Combination bilge pump and float switches (both devices in a single housing) are used in the forward bilges of some boat models where space is limited. These units may be tested by depressing a red button on the end of the housing opposite the end with the hose attachment. If the unit is operating properly, the pump will engage.

Combo unit test switch
To check out the location of your bilge and related switches, refer to your owner's manual.
  Grady Days are here again!
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Heads up!
Grady-White introduces 20-foot Fisherman 209 with head area and deck-level bow access, adding to the industry’s most complete line of center console models.

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Live The Grady Life!
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Welcome to the Model Year 2011 Lineup!

We are delighted to introduce the 2011 Grady-White lineup–26 models strong, each and every one bringing you and your family unmatched Grady Life quality. The Freedom Series of dual consoles, including the all-new fishing- and family-friendly Freedom 255, brings a brand new level of recreational versatility to coastal boating. We are not for an instant forgetting our saltwater fishing heritage; our Express and walkaround cabin models and newly designated Fisherman and Canyon series center consoles are second to none on the fishing grounds as well as family-ready for any water sport.

Totally brand new for 2011 are not only the dual console Freedom 255, but also the Fisherman 209 20-foot center console and the Fisherman 230 23-foot center console, each featuring a cockpit that’s every bit as big as that of many 25-foot boats, an enclosed head area and a handsome, well-engineered optional T-top integrated into the console structure. These and all Grady-Whites are chock-full of customer inspired features and details for the ultimate in boating satisfaction.

Visit your Grady-White dealer and for complete specifications.

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