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Get Your Fresh Water System Ready for the Boating Season

Your owner’s manual will show the location of your Grady’s water fill. Look CAREFULLY at the water fill for the word "WATER!" Do not confuse with the fuel intake.

In the January edition of Docklines we featured Grady-White’s Quick Maintenance Guide including mention of the need to bleed or drain water lines during cold weather storage. With the arrival of warm weather boating season now is a good time to flush your fresh water system and then refill your tank(s). Water in tanks sometimes stagnates for weeks at a time and can develop an odor from bacteria. There are many products that can treat this, but the most popular is common household bleach. Not much is needed to be effective: a 10% bleach/water solution or two pints of bleach per 50 gallons of water should be run through the water tank. Run the pumps / turn on faucets to cycle out the bleach solution, and follow with flushing the entire system with just fresh water before refilling the tank. We suggest “refreshing” twice during a year. And, you can add lemon juice periodically to keep things fresh smelling. Water fill locations vary per model. Refer to your owner’s manual to locate your Grady’s water fill and view your fresh water system diagram.

Check out the Deckhand's Maintenance Tricks for other maintenance suggestions and tips.

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