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Know Your Grady’s Operating Systems: Seacocks

A seacock is a valve that controls the flow of seawater to components in the boat that rely on seawater to function properly. These components include livewells, washdowns, air conditioning systems, generators, and certain head discharge systems. A seacock has a lever handle that moves 90 degrees. The open position is identified by the orientation of the handle. If the handle is in line or parallel to the body of the valve, then the seacock is in the open position. If the handle is perpendicular to the body of the valve, the seacock is in the closed position.
   To operate the boat’s component systems that rely on seawater, the related seacocks should be in the open position. It is an important safety precaution to remember to close seacocks when the related component is not in use to prevent taking on water.

Livewell and washdown seacocks diagram

   The air conditioner, generator and livewell seacocks have remote arms installed on the handles. The open position for these seacocks can be obtained by pulling up on the remote arm attached to the seacock handles. Pushing down on the remote arm closes the seacock.
   When operating a livewell and opening its seacock, the livewell switch at the helm should be in the on position. If the seacock is left open and the pump is not on, the boat’s forward motion through the water will gradually fill the box. To prevent this filling inadvertently, close the seacock when the livewell is not in use.
   Regarding a generator option, do not leave the seacock open while the boat is in motion and the generator is off. You can use the generator while the boat is moving, but when the generator is shut down the intake seacock should be closed immediately to avoid excessive seawater being backed up into the exhaust manifold.

VacuFlush® head system diagram

   On Gradys installed with a VacuFlush® head system, it is not necessary to open a seacock prior to use of the head; this system uses a vacuum pump. However all head seacocks must be closed when operating in protected waters (check your local regulations). For overboard discharge, the head seacock must be open to prevent damage to the discharge pump. Close the discharge seacock when the tank is empty.

For more information regarding your boat's operating systems, refer to your owner’s manual. You can find owner’s manuals online at


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