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Quick Reference Maintenance Guide Available at

All Grady-White owners want to know the “dos and don’ts” of taking care of their boat and boat systems so that simple maintenance tasks are done properly and efficiently. We’ve developed a Quick Reference Maintenance Guide, and we encourage our boat owners and enthusiasts to submit additional suggestions to expand our customer knowledge base. Below are just a very few highlights. You can visit to download the entire Quick Reference Maintenance Guide, and we hope that you send us your own favorite maintenance tips while you are there! You can always contact your Grady-White dealer for information and assistance regarding service.


  • Remove canvas and store deck cushions before trailering.
  • Keep wheel bearings greased.
  • Tongue weight on hitch should be 5-10% of the total weight of your boat, motor and trailer package. (“Tongue weight” is the downward force that the tongue of a trailer applies to the hitch of the tow vehicle, and is pertinent to avoiding trailer sway.)
  • Never rely on the motor tilt lever to support your engine when trailering. Always secure the engine with a towing support bar.

Fresh water system

  • Flush all fresh water systems with a 10% bleach water solution twice a year.
  • Add lemon juice to system periodically to keep things fresh smelling.
  • Leave seacocks open during winter storage when stored on land.
  • Do not leave water in pumps, lines, filters or tank during cold winter weather. Bleed or drain lines. Refer to your owner’s manual for details.


  • Replace Grady-White installed batteries with the same brand and type as specified in your owner’s manual.
  • Apply light grease to battery terminals after cleaning to prevent corrosion.
  • Never disconnect batteries while the engine is running.
For much, much more information about heads, generators, anchors, freezer boxes, sound systems, wash downs, gel coat, cushions, canvas, fuel systems, hardtops, frames and other maintenance topics, visit

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