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Basic Anchoring Techniques

Knowing safe anchoring methods adds to your boating pleasure. Here are steps to remember.

Check that the bitter end of your anchor line or cable is in fact firmly attached to your boat, and that the line is ready for running free. The rule of thumb for length of line needed is five to seven times the depth of the water. Going into the current or wind, slow your speed and then reverse engines. When the boat heads to stern, lower (don't throw) the anchor. Make sure no one's feet are in the way of the line! When enough line is out, stop engines and cleat the line forward to make sure the anchor snags bottom. You should feel a halt to the boat's drift as the anchor digs in. If the anchor is not holding, try letting out more line.

When you are ready to depart and weigh anchor, power the boat slowly to directly above where the anchor is, taking up slack in the line from the bow. The anchor should break free when the line becomes vertical. If it does not, secure the line and move slowly ahead a few yards.

Shrink-Wrap Your Grady for Great Winter Storage

Most of our dealers offer this service for winter protection.

The best boat covers are made of canvas as they protect and at the same time breathe. Shrink wrapping also works well; we recommend using shrink wrap vents to allow breathing, and exposing the gunnel gas fill(s), to keep fumes out of the boat. Most of our dealers provide this service for good winter protection.
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Real Docklines!

Available in 3 sizes, our new docklines feature a pre-spliced loop on one end to make securing your boat simple and fast. Choose from several colors, all featuring the Grady-White logo. There's a size to fit most any Grady!

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The Grady-White Express 360
now available with optional integrated hardtop enclosure featuring safety glass windshield and side windows.
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The handsome 36' Canyon 366 is the kingpin as the top performing, top value flagship of the Grady-White Canyon center console fleet. Click to see it in action!

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Tournament 192 19' dual console
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Did You Know...?

Screensavers for Grady Fans: Did you know that Grady-White has updated Screensavers available for download?

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Loads of New Photos in Our Photo Galleries
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