Tips and ideas from fellow Grady-White owners and enthusiasts to help make every day on the water fun and more rewarding for you and your family.


Safety first in rougher water!

Thanks to Dave Lear and Saltwater Sportsman for these rougher water boating tips.

  • Slow down. Slower speeds allow better reaction time. Adjust the throttle to ascend/descend waves to avoid taking on water.
  • Use the trim tabs carefully. Too much down tab can force the bow into oncoming waves, while no tabs allow the hull to plane as designed.
  • Keep an eye on the radar or satellite weather. It’s always easier to go around a storm than through one. 
  • Tack into the waves rather than take them head-on, if possible. 
  • Alter your course to take advantage of more favorable sea conditions.
  • Carry plenty of fuel.
  • Know the tides and locations of shoals before running an inlet.
  • Wear a life jacket.
  • File a float plan.


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