Tips and ideas from fellow Grady-White owners and enthusiasts to help make every day on the water fun and more rewarding for you and your family.


Fish Salad  

Last Modified Jun 25, 2015 - in Dining Aboard    
  12 ounces cooked fish (leftover fresh grilled, poached, baked, even smoked fish) ¼ cup chopped fresh parsley (and/or cilantro) 2 hardboiled eggs...

Quick Reference Maintenance Guide (21149 views)  

Last Modified Jan 19, 2010 - in Deckhand's Maintenance Tricks    
NOTE: Please refer to your owner's manual for more details. You may also s...

Tying Your Boat in Its Slip: It's safety first when making fast to the dock (7482 views)  

Last Modified Jul 23, 2013 - in Boat Handling / Seamanship    
Learn the ropes, not just the knots, when you tie the boat to the dock. Watch this video for a few simple tips and tricks that help around the boat slip.   ...

Fuel System Tank Filling: Proper fueling helps ensure safety and efficiency (3476 views)  

Last Modified Sep 17, 2012 - in Power Points: Performance and Efficiency    
Thanks to the innovative SeaV2 hull design, Grady-Whites are naturally fuel efficient, so you get more bang for your buck at the pump. When it’s time to refuel, be sure you’re using the proper technique as shown in this video.   ...

Clean Up Mildew Spots (3387 views)  

Last Modified Jan 23, 2010 - in Deckhand's Maintenance Tricks    
In our never ending quest to remove those pesky black mildew...

Spring Tip: Freshwater Flush (3372 views)  

Last Modified Mar 20, 2014 - in Deckhand's Maintenance Tricks    
With the arrival of warm weather, boating season now is a good time to flush your freshwater system and then refill your tank(s). Water in tanks sometimes stagnates for weeks at a time and can develop an odor from bacteria. There are many products ...

Prevent 'Gutter' Black Streaks   

Created on Aug 29, 2011 - in Customer-ization: Owners' Personal Touches    
The Grady Express models that are kept outdoors sometimes get black streaks down the side of the hull mid-ships where the "gutter" from the forward deck ran back and drained overboard. Every time it rains I would get the very hard to remove streaks from the rub rail to the water line ju...

Stop Engine Thief  

Created on Aug 02, 2011 - in Customer-ization: Owners' Personal Touches    
  Lower Unit Stop Thief - This simple lock will protect the lower unit and/or the whole motor when installed properly. Keep thieves away from your engine with this simple, inexpensive deterrent.      Submitted By:  Philip Osborne...

Basic Boating Knots  details

Created on May 25, 2011 - in Boat Handling / Seamanship    
If you already know these basics, share them with your kids and crew.

Arm Rest Covers  

Last Modified Apr 28, 2011 - in Customer-ization: Owners' Personal Touches    
  We have a Journey (25' Walk-around) that we are very fond of ever since we bought it in 2005.  As time passed, the resting  arms of the chairs got very dirty, despite efforts to keep them clean.  We tried one of our son's low cut quarter socks over the arm r...

The Proper Props  

Last Modified Mar 15, 2011 - in Power Points: Performance and Efficiency    
The numbers and letters associated with a boat’s propeller designation often don’t mean much to boat owners. When we are talking about propellers, a 15½ × ...

Use your dockside power safely and efficiently.  

Last Modified Feb 23, 2011 - in Power Points: Performance and Efficiency    
              The dockside power feature allows the use of...

Why Not Run Engine with Battery Switch on "Both"  

Created on Feb 04, 2011 - in Power Points: Performance and Efficiency    
I would like to know why not run engine with battery switch on "both" as recommended on the Maintenance Guide....I do it every time out on the water without a known problem.  Robert Van Meter ...

Moving your boat sideways  

Last Modified Jan 28, 2011 - in Boat Handling / Seamanship    
Here is a good tip for those of you with dual engines and a bow thruster, sent in by an active member of a Grady-White Owners’ Club. You can pick up lots of boat handli...

Raft-up 101  

Created on Jan 05, 2011 - in Follow Me: Trailering    
The following is a short list of items to remember when rafting 2 or more boats. First, what to bring: 1. Plenty of fenders for both sides of your boat. Fenders can never be too big or too many.  2. Plenty of dock and spring line. A...

Techniques for docking in wind and/or current  

Last Modified Dec 16, 2010 - in Boat Handling / Seamanship    
Most Grady-White captains are good boat handlers, but as new generations come along and first mates graduate to captain, it’s a good idea to review the techniques.  ...

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