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Grady Owners’ Clubs Contest

March 2014 — February 2015
Get your competiveness on!

Largest Attendance for a Single Event: This competition will be based on the highest percentage of club members participating in one single event–not how many events you have, but how many club members attend the event. For example, if your club has 30 members and your event with the largest club member attendance has 27 members participating, then your Attendance Percentage is 90%. If your club has 120 members and there are 80 in attendance, your Attendance Percentage is 67%. We’ll use the club rosters you send in for the official membership count. You’ll need to send us a group picture of everyone in attendance. The winning club will get a check for $500. In case of a tie, we will have a drawing among the qualifying clubs!

Themed Party: Some Grady Owners’ Clubs really know how to work it and we love seeing all the fun! If your club participates in a Themed Party, send us photographs. The club with the most creative theme or costumes wins. The winning club will get a check for $500.

Start sending in your entries today to Ash Hendrick!